This Game Changing Aussie Beauty Brand Is Helping Women Bloat Less & BANISH acne in just 20 days

This Game Changing Aussie Beauty Brand Is Helping Women Bloat Less & BANISH acne in just 20 days

With so many health issues linked to a poor digestive system, ranging from IBS, inflammation, bloating (hands up if you’ve rubbed your food baby after eating a pizza) and even skin concerns such as acne – gut health is something that shouldn’t be neglected.

New Australian ingestible beauty brand, PuraU, (purer-you) are on a mission to help women bloat less and have clearer skin thanks to their 20-day gut cleanse product. This scientifically-backed cleanse has garnered social media fame thanks to women sharing remarkable results.


The tablets feature high-quality vegan ingredients and are completely gluten and cruelty-free. Zinc, which helps relieve symptoms of acne and pimples, maintains skin health/structure, and ginger + turmeric, which helps ease digestive discomfort.


How it works:

This powerful blend of antioxidants is formulated to do the dirty work. It works to reduce free radicals formed in the body and other organisms that may be contributing to discomfort such as bloating, indigestion, inflammation and unbalanced skin.

A blend of hard-working anti-inflammatories soothes the existing symptoms and irritations of an unhappy gut: bloating, indigestion and angry skin. It also helps to repair the gut-wall-lining and support immune function. 

The diverse and shelf-stable probiotics will set you up for success. They promote a healthy gut microbiome, protect against future invasions of harmful bacteria and support healthy bowel function.


I received my box of PuraU in early March. After having a lockdown 30th the month prior and overindulging in copious amounts of chocolates and champagne – the timing could not have been more perfect. A week before I started the 20-day gut cleanse I stopped taking all other supplements to really put it to the test, here’s how it went.

Week 1
You have to take 3 tablets with each meal 3 times a day. Not trusting the many tabs open in my brain to remember this I set reminders. I was doing pretty well until the weekend when breakfast was brunch, and I slept through the reminder, so I ended up missing the morning dose. Thankfully missing one is not the end of the world, there’s no need to double on the next dosage just carry on the course as normal. Having said all of that, after week 1 I didn’t experience any noticeable changes.

Week 2
Now fully in the swing of things I noticed I am far less bloated than I usually would be. Carbs and I have a real on-again-off-again relationship (of Ross and Rachel proportions). The moments during that week when we were on I definitely wasn’t beset with the usual bloat that follows. I also noticed that I do have moments when I felt a tad more fatigued than usual. This is due to the strength of the ingredients themselves caused by my body’s natural process in expelling toxins. It’s completely normal and it does pass by the end of the week.

Week 3
I consider achieving glass skin to be a legitimate life goal and by week 3 this has been achieved – without makeup. I have a noticeable glow, so much so that on a bare-faced video call with friends one of them asks me if I’m wearing highlighter. Not only am I glowing, my skin feels incredibly smooth. I’ve always struggled with congestion in my t-zone but after completing  PuraU I have seen results that no product (topical or electronic) has ever provided.

Final verdict
If you’re tired of feeling bloated and have skin concerns that refuse to be slathered into submission give this a go