What Is PuraU?

We’re on a mission to help people feel better in their bodies, and it all starts with the gut. Improving your gut health can be the key to glowing skin, easy-breezy-digestion and all-round better health. Our products are developed by one of Australia's leading gut-health and naturopathic specialists and has been designed to make keeping your insides on point. Easy-peasy!

As people who have suffered with these issues ourselves, we know that gut and skin issues are stressful and emotionally exhausting. Research shows that 85% of Australians will experience acne in their lifetime, and 50% will suffer from gut issues every year too. However, we want you to know that you're not alone on the journey. Along with many others, we're in it with you and we know how it feels.

Learning these statistics is what led us to research further into the role that gut health plays in our overall wellness. Here's the reality of what we found: Your gut is the PowerHouse of the body, and it has the ability to affect your overall health and wellness. The health of your gut will determine how you look and feel day-to-day, so let's nurture it to optimal health! We can help you do that by introducing the right herbs and ingredients to your digestive system to help you repair, replenish and restore your gut. In turn, you'll feel better on the inside and look better on the outside (hello clear skin).

We are proudly Australian-owned, Australian-made and in true Aussie style, no BS. We want to create a community that trusts us with their health & wellness, so we'll never say fluffy marketing words or over-promise. Plus, we don't have to because our products do all the work for us!

Our Brand values


Protect the planet

Our products are lovingly created with 100% recyclable packaging. We ask that you help carry through our mission to protect the planet. You can reuse, recycle, whatever you like, just keep the packaging away from general waste.


Cruelty free

We're proudly vegan (not an animal product in sight) and we don't test on animals. We prefer cute bunnies in fields, not labs.


All-natural ingredients

High-quality ingredients make up 100% of our products, which are made in Australia. So rest assured there are no synthetic additive, fillers, GMOs or other nasties with us.


Our Customers

When you buy our products, we're along for the ride! We want to build a community where the benefits of good health are top of mine. Tag us, DM us, email us your food journal. We love it all!

All-natural, plant-based & Aussie made

Formulated with all natural and organic ingredients, our Gut Program is plant-based, ethically sourced and made right here in Australia. As will be all of our future products! (Coming Soon).

Ain't got no time for time wasters!

You want results, and you want them quickly. You don't have time to buy products that either do nothing for you or take months and years to make a difference. That's just exhausting! We're not here to waste your time, nor are our products. We may be biased about this but we've spent more time formulating the best wellness products so you don't waste any time trying to find a solution.

Where we're heading

Our goal is to provide our community with everything they need to take their self-care regime to the next level. So it's fair to say that many more products are in the works. Good things take time, but we promise it will be worth the wait.