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3 simple steps to a healthy, happy gut.

Our capsules contain good gut karma.
Persistent use will likely result in a
happy tummy



Eliminates harmful bacteria and organisms in the gut


Soothes existing symptoms and irritation


Restores the gut with good bacteria using probiotics



From digestive discomfort, bloating, leaky gut and IBS to poor immune function, skin complexion and acne, our ultimate 20-day Gut Reboot Kit has got you covered. HappyGut is scientifically formulated with ingredients to repair, replenish & restore your gut

back to factory settings. The journey to a happier,

healthier and #PURAU starts here! #ForAPuraU


We’re obsessed with making your insides as healthy as possible while doing our bit to protect the planet. That’s why we only select the highest quality ingredients and lovingly wrap them up in recyclable packaging while still maintaining a premium unboxing experience!


Your PuraU products are 100% recyclable so what you do with them after they’re finished matters. Convert your HappyGut box into whatever you desire or store little trinkets inside! All we ask, is you carry through our mission to protect the planet and keep the packaging away from general waste! We’re counting on you...

Natural Ingredients

Hey, did we mention that every single ingredient in PuraU products are plant-based? Our HappyGut product has been developed by one of Australia’s leading gut health and naturopathic specialists, to keep your insides shiny! So rest assured, our product is free from any nasties or synthetic additives. (You can thank us later.)

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This product works exactly as titled “HappyGut”. As a certified nutritionist, I know how looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more. The list of benefits this product holds is over a page long. I tried HappyGut for myself and I can say with certainty that it delivers what it promises. I will be recommending PuraU products to all my clients.

Jasna Certified Nutritionist and Owner of JK Wellness and Nutrition

I've been using the product for 4 weeks now and i can already feel the difference. I've always suffered with bloating after meals, the product has changed that.


I've tried a number of remedies for my gut health over the years. The results after my first repair kit were insane. I've now got all the girls giving it a go.