Skin breaking out? Stomach feeling blah? Something’s not right, and while spot treatments and camomile tea are a cute defence, to get real results, you need to play the offence. That means going with your gut. We’re here to help you calm those gut gremlins and get your insides feeling shipshape.

What our Gut Cleanse Kit can do for you

free radicals

Maintains skin health & supports skin integrity / structure

Supports healthy immune system function

Maintains healthy bowel function & helps restore gut/bowel flora

Relieves digestive discomfort (bloating) & soothes irritated tissues

Supports healthy

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This product has done wonders for my skin! I had really bad breakouts on my face and back and this product has reduced it significantly. I noticed a huge improvement with my sleep, moods and energy. This stuff is great! Would highly recommend!


This product works exactly as titled “HappyGut”. As a certified nutritionist, I know how looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more. The list of benefits this product holds is over a page long. I tried HappyGut for myself and I can say with certainty that it delivers what it promises. I will be recommending PuraU products to all my clients.

Jasna Certified Nutritionist and Owner of JK Wellness and Nutrition

Since taking HappyGut my skin has improved drastically. I have suffered from acne for 4-5 years but since taking HappyGut the number of breakouts I’ve had has decreased so much! My entire skin complexion has also improved, it’s no longer so red and inflamed all the time. Every month I also usually get extremely severe period cramps and back aches, leaving me bed ridden for a day or 2 but since taking HappyGut my cramps have been bearable and are no longer as debilitating. I feel my digestion and bloating has also improved. I don’t react as severely to gluten anymore and no longer wake up bloated or experience severe bloating straight after a meal. I highly HIGHLY recommend this product, it is so worth the money!!! You can’t put a price on your health x

Acacia Clarke
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