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Eliminates harmful bacteria and organisms in the gut


Soothes existing symptoms and irritation


Restores the gut with good bacteria using probiotics

Why HappyGut Starter Kit

✔ 100% natural & plant-based ingredients
✔ High quality & Australian-made 
✔ Proven results within 20-days
✔ Free from GMOs & fillers
✔ Scientifically proven
✔ Diverse, shelf-stable probiotic blend

So, what are the benefits?

The benefits of a healthy gut are endless, but here are our personal favs!

Eliminates bad bacteria

Relieves symptoms of acne, eczema & psoriasis

Supports a healthy immune system

Supports healthy bowel function & relieves constipation

Relieves indigestion, bloating & gassiness

Supports healthy digestion

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This product works exactly as titled “HappyGut”. As a certified nutritionist, I know how looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more. The list of benefits this product holds is over a page long. I tried HappyGut for myself and I can say with certainty that it delivers what it promises. I will be recommending PuraU products to all my clients.

Jasna Certified Nutritionist and Owner of JK Wellness and Nutrition

Since taking HappyGut my skin has improved drastically. I have suffered from acne for 4-5 years but since taking HappyGut the number of breakouts I’ve had has decreased so much! My entire skin complexion has also improved, it’s no longer so red and inflamed all the time. Every month I also usually get extremely severe period cramps and back aches, leaving me bed ridden for a day or 2 but since taking HappyGut my cramps have been bearable and are no longer as debilitating. I feel my digestion and bloating has also improved. I don’t react as severely to gluten anymore and no longer wake up bloated or experience severe bloating straight after a meal. I highly HIGHLY recommend this product, it is so worth the money!!! You can’t put a price on your health x

Acacia Clarke

This product has done wonders for my skin! I had really bad breakouts on my face and back and this product has reduced it significantly. I noticed a huge improvement with my sleep, moods and energy. This stuff is great! Would highly recommend!


I can’t even begin to explain the amazing results I’ve seen from Happy gut, every aspect of my health has improved. I am more energised, my skin has cleared up, my anxiety has settled and I have happy gut to thanks. Before I started I was having digestive trouble every single day and I was so uncomfortable and bloated all the time. Now after finishing HappyGut I barely ever bloat, I can eat the foods I want without feeling uncomfortable and my energy levels are through the roof. I could not recommend this product more! Thanks HappyGut for changing my life ❤️


This product has done wonders for my weight loss while following the food guide on the free eBook I received with my purchase. I lost roughly 3.2kgs in 4 weeks and learned that I was previously struggling to lose weight due to the overgrowth of bad bacteria in my gut from poor diet over the past few years. Couldn't be happier with the results. My energy has increased significantly too. Very happy with the product and will be recommending to friends and family. Cheers


Was gifted this by my girlfriend and absolutely love the product! Have always had digestive troubles and constantly feel uncomfortable and bloated all the time. I finished the 20-day-journey with the help of the free HappyGut e-book and can truely say I've never felt this good in my life. I can eat food without feeling uncomfortable and my bloating has decreased significantly. Also noticed an improvement in my energy and sleep quality! Would highly recommend this product to anyone and will be repurchasing. Thanks HappyGut!!!


Wow What you see is what you get ! I was suffering with really bad bloating and being lactose intolerant I always found myself with tummy issues. At first I was slightly sceptical about taking 9 capsules daily but I trusted the process and after my 20 day cleanse it’s all gone !!


This product is a complete gamechanger. Constant bloating has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember, but after my girlfriend got this for me I can say for the very first time that I have noticed a proper reduction in both the frequency and severity of my bloating. Just finished the 20 days and my skin, sleep quality and general energy levels have also all felt better and improved. Will definitely repurchase and would recommend to anyone experiencing issues relating to digestion or skin. Love it.


I've suffered with acne for so long and after doing some research i found out that it's usually caused by all different gut issues. Since i tried the happygut 20-day cleanse my acne is pretty much cleared up, i've had no blind pimples at all and my skin complexion has improved dramatically. i also feel my digestion is way better as I no longer get bloated! This product is a lifesaver.