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About Us

Our mission & why we started

We’re on a mission to make inner-beauty products as much part of the average beauty regime as a good moisturiser, and for PuraU to be your go-to. PuraU was founded with the sole purpose to bring the everyday girl & guy an easy, effective and convenient solution to acne, breakouts & bloating.

We know how stressful and emotionally exhausting these conditions can be, but once you realise how widespread and common skin & gut issues are, you will soon know that you’re not alone. We’re with you on this journey and so are many others. To put this into perspective, 85% of Australian’s will experience acne in their lifetime, while 50% of Australians suffer with gut issues every year. (crazy)

Once we learned these statistics, we started wondering why this isn’t spoken about more openly and why aren’t we doing anything about it? Our gut is the powerhouse of the body and has the ability to impact the health of our entire body - so let’s nurture it! We then began researching more and more, looking into herbs and ingredients that target the gut-skin connection to improve skin & gut health.

Scientifically formulated, no B.S.

We paired up with one of Australia’s leading gut health and naturopathic specialists, to develop what is now our best selling Gut Cleanse Kit. We always knew we wanted a quality formula that is backed by science and TGA approved, which is exactly what we achieved.

Brand values

Protect the planet

Our products are lovingly wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging. We ask that you help carry through our mission to protect the planet. You can reuse, recycle, whatever you like, just keep the packaging away from general waste.

Cruelty free

We’re proud to say that absolutely NONE of the ingredients we use are tested on animals. We prefer cute bunnies in fields, not labs.

All-natural ingredients

High-quality ingredients make up 100% of our products, which are made in Australia. So rest assured there are no synthetic additives, fillers, GMOs or other nasties with us.

Our customers

When you buy our products, we’re along for the ride! We want to build a community where the benefits of good health are top of mind. Tag us, DM us, email us your food journal we love it all.

All-natural, plant-based & Aussie made

Formulated with all-natural & organic ingredients, our Gut Cleanse Kit is plant-based, ethically sourced and made right here in Australia. As will be all of our future products! (Coming Soon).

Ain’t got no time for time wasters!

We get this is a tricky time in your life and buying products that either A) do nothing for you or B) take months/years to make a difference - is just exhausting. We’re not here to waste your time, nor are our products. We have spent more time formulating the best (slightly biased, maybe) inner-beauty products, so you can spend less time trying to find a solution.

Where we’re heading

Our goal is to provide our community with everything they need to take their inner-beauty regime to the next level, so it’s fair to say that many more products are in the works. Good things take time, but we promise it will be worth the wait.