Does Collagen Help Acne With Acne Scars?

Dealing with active breakouts can be incredibly frustrating. They can be painful to touch, and it always seems like they're ready to burst at the most inconvenient times. Even worse, they don't always leave peacefully, often leaving behind a trail of scars. If you haven't experienced severe scaring, you're likely familiar with the pesky dark spots left in the wake of pimples, bumps, and cystic breakouts. These are known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and they can be equally disheartening.

The truth is, whether big or small, conspicuous or not, these blemishes can take a toll on your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

So, you may be wondering if there's anything you can do to get rid of them... Well we're about to share with you the magic of Collagen Peptides and their benefit in managing acne scars. 

Understanding the Role of Collagen in Addressing Acne

Imagine waking up one day with no scars on your face – that would be a major victory. But then, you notice a new cluster of pimples emerging on your chin. It can be a frustrating cycle, and the key to addressing it lies in understanding the root cause: acne itself.

Now, let's explore how hydrolysed collagen peptides may help combat acne.

1. Enhancing Skin Hydration

Collagen levels in your skin decrease as you age. The natural ageing process can lead to a decrease in hyaluronic acid, which is crucial for maintaining skin hydration. When your skin lacks moisture, it may overcompensate by overproducing oil, potentially leading to acne.

Hydrolysed collagen peptides can help address this issue by increasing your skin's collagen levels. In a 2018 study, participants who took collagen supplements reported seven times higher moisture levels in their skin compared to those who did not. 

2. Exerting Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Inflammation plays a significant role in the development of acne. Collagen contains glycine, an amino acid with proven anti-inflammatory effects. This makes collagen supplementation potentially effective in preventing inflammation and, consequently, acne breakouts.

Addressing Existing Acne Scars

While collagen supplementation may help prevent new acne breakouts, it may not magically erase existing, deep-set acne scars. For old deep scars, dermatological treatments such as soft tissue fillers, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels remain the most effective options.

However, hydrolysed collagen could assist in the healing of recently formed scars, encouraging the skin's return to a healthier appearance.

Determining the Right Collagen Dosage

The critical question now is, how much collagen should you take daily to reduce skin breakouts? Research suggests that improvements in skin hydration can be observed with doses ranging from 2.5 to 10 grams per day. However, starting with lower dosages may take six to eight weeks to see results, which might be frustrating if you're dealing with ongoing breakouts and scars. Majority of users experience faster results by taking 15 grams of high-quality, hydrolysed collagen peptides daily. 

In Conclusion

Collagen supplements may not erase old, deep-set acne scars, but they can potentially prevent new breakouts and enhance the healing of more recent scars, improving your skin's overall appearance. If this sounds promising to you, it might be worth considering collagen supplementation to boost your confidence and regain healthier skin. 

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